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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Maplehurst Farm website!

Photo of new Maplehurst Farm website homepage

Photo of new Maplehurst Farm website homepage

Our goal at Maplehurst Farm is to always provide our valued current and future clients with excellent service, and this is what inspired our new site.

Our new site allows you to more easily learn about our venue and all that we offer our guests for their special events.

The Maplehurst Photograph page features photos from several weddings at different times of the year to give you an idea of how your own wedding could look here during different seasons. The Information page lists everything included with our venue as well as other important details associated with holding an event at Maplehurst Farm. The History page describes Maplehurst Farm’s unique past and present.  Our Compliments page features recommendations from some of our past clients to allow you to learn from their experiences.

If you’d like to subscribe to our new Blog, please sign up on the sidebar to the right and you will receive new blog posts and photos from our upcoming weddings. We appreciate you discussing Maplehurst Farm with your friends and family as word of mouth advertising helps us tremendously.  You can also pass on information about Maplehurst Farm through the social media links on our website for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Any sharing you do will help us to serve more clients, so thank you!

Thanks again for visiting our website and please feel free to contact me to discuss having your wedding at Maplehurst Farm in Mount Vernon, WA.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Jessie Anderson

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