Information for Maplehurst Farm Weddings & Events

West side of Maplehurst Farm | Mikki Anderson, photographer


Maplehurst Farm can accommodate up to 200 guests per event.

Facilities provided by Maplehurst Farm:

* 6 acre farm with view of Mount Baker
* 5000 square foot event barn: Entry room: 39’ wide by 33’ long, Reception room: 52’ wide by 63’ long

* Groom’s cottage
* Children’s playhouse
* Optional overnight Guest House accommodations for up to 12 guests

Maplehurst Farm Information Weddings

Grooms cottage | Mikki Anderson, photographer


Maplehurst Farm Information Weddings

South side of bride’s suite room in barn


We allow champagne, beer and wine to be served at our venue. (Hard alcohol is not allowed.)  All drinks and ice must be provided by the couple, bartenders are not responsible for bringing these items.  If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, please obtain a banquet permit at any liquor store or by using the following link to purchase one online At least 8 weeks prior to your event, please email with a copy of your banquet permit and the hours you would like to have our approved licensed alcohol servers to serve at your event.

We require 2 of our approved licensed alcohol servers to serve all alcohol at every event at Maplehurst Farm. Each server will arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time to begin paid bar prep. The fee is $35/hour for a total cost of $70/hour for 2 bartenders, plus tip jar. (If you don’t’ want the servers to use a tip jar, you will need to add $100 extra to each of their wages.) The bar shift fee is due at least 8 weeks prior to an event date. Please make sure to place your drinks on ice at least 1 hour prior to the bartenders’ arrival.  Alcohol will not be served prior to the servers’ arrival or after the servers’ departure, so please plan to schedule them for the entire time you would like alcohol served to your guests during your event.


Our clients are welcome to use the caterer and vendors of your choice, and they may also self-cater their event.  Maplehurst Farm requires all clients to use our venue approved licensed alcohol servers.  Please see the “Alcohol” section above for more details.

Rental hours:

Maplehurst Farm is available from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm on an event rental date. Additional hours can be purchased on the rehearsal date or prior to 10am on the event date, upon request, if our schedule allows.


You may schedule advanced set up, a rehearsal, and/or a rehearsal dinner any day except when there is another event scheduled.  We offer free 1 hour rehearsal sessions on Thursdays for guests who have rented our venue on Friday, Saturday or Sunday that week.

Open barn:

Maplehurst Farm hosts an open barn session the first Wednesday of each month from 3pm-8pm.  Clients who have booked an event date with Maplehurst Farm may stop by the first Wednesday of each month between the hours of 3pm-8pm to revisit the barn and venue grounds with no appointment necessary.

Clean up:

Maplehurst Farm charges a $500 fee to clean the venue following each event. The cleaning fee includes sanitizing all venue surfaces, hand washing, drying and putting away dishes, hauling trash & recycling, sweeping, mopping, moving furniture, etc. to completely clean the venue after each event.

Information for Maplehurst Farm Weddings and Events

Barn kitchen


We require an Event Policy for $1,000,000 coverage naming Maplehurst Farm, LLC and Jeffrey and Jessie Anderson as the additionally insured. You can purchase an event policy with $1,000,000 liability coverage that covers alcohol liability at,